Thanks to disinfection gates and AMB Clean disinfection, ethics is better in our hospital. Our doctors and nurses feel safer in the workplace.
Marián Petko
director of NsP Sv. Jakuba
During the pandemic associated with Covid-19, we are aware of our responsibility for our employees and clients, and therefore we place emphasis on strict adherence to hygienic measures as soon as we enter our premises in Bratislava and Malacky.
In addition to body temperature control and hand disinfection, we have installed a disinfection gate from the company REVOL, which uses a fine aerosol mist to disinfect the clothes and shoes of visitors to our premises.
In 5 seconds, we can eliminate bacteria and viruses on clothing, while we have tested that with the AMB Clean disinfectant solution from WCHF Europe, the device can serve up to 300 people.
The disinfection gate proved its worth not only at the entrance to the administrative premises, but also in the operation of the Control of Originality in Malacky.
Upon entering the operation, we can eliminate the possibility of disease transmission across surfaces, associated with the Covid-19 virus and thus protect our clients and employees.
TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o.